The Importance of providing a vehicle identification number or VIN

Hello my name is Tom, parts manager at Freeman Toyota. Today I would like to talk about the importance of providing your vehicle identification number or VIN, when ordering parts for your vehicle. With todays vehicles offering more options than ever before it is a necessity to provide the VIN for accuracy. Let me show you an example. Lets say I have a customer who has a 2008 Tacoma and they would like a rear bumper. In the picture below you will see the rear bumper section, as you can see I have only highlighted the actual bumper bar. To the right of the picture you will see the part number and descriptions given for the different bumper bars. Despite the multiple descriptions there are actually only three different bumpers to select from. SCROLL DOWN.


Now lets look at the difference when we apply the vin filter. If you notice when using the VIN filter it leaves only one option and that is the bumper that was originally installed on your vehicle from the manufacturer. Always providing a VIN when order parts for your vehicle will help assure you get the correct part for your vehicle the first time. SCROLL DOWN.

Another benefit when you provide your VIN to us when ordering parts is we are able to check for open safety recalls that your vehicle may have been affected by. By providing this information to our customers they can in turn take their vehicle to their preferred dealer to have the recall completed. In conclusion, providing your VIN  helps ensure that you will receive the correct part the first time saving you time and money and also provide you with valuable information regarding recalls that may affect your Toyota. Thank you for reading my first post I hope it has been helpful and informative.